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How to find ad space for Google on YouTube, Google Play, Amazon, and other sites

Posted December 17, 2018 06:17:46When you’re shopping for ads on YouTube and Google Play you want to be sure that the ad is relevant to you.The key is to choose the right spot and the right way to display it.The ad space on Google Play is one of the most important places to find content […]

How to make more money from advertising on Facebook and Google ad quotes

Facebook is looking to make a bigger dent in the advertising industry with its latest advertising campaign, which includes paid car ads.The company will launch a new ad category called “Mobile Apps” that it says is a perfect fit for its advertising platform.Facebook is launching a new mobile app called Mobile Apps that offers a […]

Which social media platforms are boosting the number of users?

The rise of Facebook is putting pressure on some major platforms to do more to boost engagement.With Facebook advertising becoming increasingly popular, it’s worth looking at how the social network is using its advertising power to reach its users.Spotify and Google AdWords offer the platforms with a variety of advertising tools, but they’re the only […]

How to sell to the right people online

The New York Times has written an article that outlines how to find the right online ad buyer for your company and business.In a story that will resonate with a lot of people, the NYT writes that many people are not really interested in buying online. The article outlines some of the reasons why they are […]

Dubuque Advertising Ads in ‘The Martian’ Is ‘Pretty Bad’

It’s no secret that Dubuques’ tourism is in the midst of a real estate bubble.A recent analysis by Dubuquanadvertisers found that sales of hotels, rental homes, apartments and condos were down 7.9% from a year earlier.That means Dubuqans real estate is falling further behind the rest of the state.That’s not all though.Dubuquitvertisers discovered that Dubue’s […]

The world’s hottest job ad: ‘The job is not for everyone’

A new job ad from the U.S. and Canada is generating a lot of buzz.It’s called The Job Is Not For Everyone.And it claims to be for those who don’t want to have to spend money on their own health insurance.The ad says the job requires “knowledge, leadership, and communication skills.”It says “careers and a […]

UK-based advertising giant says it will no longer sell ads online in Britain

Advertising giant Adelphia has confirmed it will stop selling online advertising in Britain.The company, based in New York, said it would focus on providing customers with information and tools on how to opt out of its online advertising.Its announcement comes after a similar announcement by a number of US internet companies, including Google and Microsoft, […]

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