How to tell whether your team has a good mascot

By Mike Morreale, USA TODAY Sports The best mascots have to have some sort of personality, a unique look and a sense of humor.

For example, Buffalo Sabres mascot Tubby the Bear was named after a cartoon character, and the Minnesota Wild mascot Big Al has a goofy laugh and a wacky personality.

However, a great mascot isn’t just a good look, it’s a fun and engaging mascot.

That’s why I decided to do a deep dive into the mascots that people love, and why it can be hard to pick the best.

Here are five mascots you need to know about.


The Great Dane The Great Danes name, first introduced in the late 1800s, is a play on “Great Dane” or “Dan” as in “Great Dan” or a “Dane.”

The name comes from a combination of the Danish word “Dan,” meaning “to see,” and the English word “Dame,” meaning a knight.

The “Danes” name became part of the popular English folk song “Danse Macabre” during the 1700s.

The name was adopted by the Minnesota Vikings in 1967, but was officially retired in 1993.

The mascot’s name also comes from the famous Danish proverb, “If you can’t kill him, feed him.”

Danes are a symbol of stability, hard work and a strong sense of community.

The Danes nickname, which stands for “Dance of the Danes,” refers to the tradition of performing the Danse Macaque dance, or the dance of the dead.

The song “Dead Danes” is popular worldwide and is sung by the Great Dan, which is believed to have originated in the 14th century.

It is a popular dance in Denmark.

The Minnesota Vikings also have a mascot named after their “Das” team mascot, which also is named after the famous German song “DAS DAN” (which translates to “We are Danes”).


The New York Yankees The Yankees mascot, the Big Blue, is known for his strong, muscular physique.

He has a blue face, a big mouth and a beard.

He also wears a Yankees cap with a large white “J” logo.

Big Blue is the nickname of the Yankees player who is the team’s most famous player, Joe Torre.

The Yankees logo is also a reference to “Jumbo Jumbo” a character in the Disney movie “Jaws.”

Big Blue also has a big laugh.

The team name is also based on a phrase in which “Big Blue, the Blue, The Blue” is a reference that “the Yankees” refers to New York.


The Boston Bruins The Boston Celtics mascot, Charlie, is one of the oldest mascots in the world.

He was first used by the New England Patriots in 1972.

Charlie was a native of England, where he is also known as “Little Charlie.”

In English, Charlie means “Little Bear.”

Charlie is a character with a big smile and is an integral part of their history.

In the English language, “Little” is the first letter of the word “Charlie.”

The team is known as the “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory” because of their many treats made with the product.

The logo on the cap is also inspired by the name of the iconic candy bar.


The Chicago Blackhawks The Chicago Bulls mascot, Black Jack, is the longest-tenured member of the Chicago Blackhawks organization.

Black Jack is the mascot’s original name and it is used in honor of the team mascot.

The nickname comes from an African-American leader, who named his team the Black Knights in 1769.

The Black Knights were a British cavalry regiment that fought against the American Revolutionary War.

In 1866, the team changed their name to the “Black Hawks” and they were renamed the “Chicago Hawks.”


The Carolina Hurricanes The Carolina Panthers mascot, Bubba, is an all-American version of the American football player Bubba Smith, who played for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers from 1956 to 1958.

Bubba is known in the American sports world as the greatest ever player.

The player’s name was inspired by a song by The Black Keys, a group of young musicians who went on to record their first album.

The music video for “I’ll Be There” features Bubba playing with his teammates on the sidelines and a camera behind him.

The video was made for the Super Bowl, which the Carolina Panthers won in 2005.


The Philadelphia Flyers The Flyers mascot, Joe, was the most popular of the Flyers mascots, and has been around for more than a century.

Joe was the mascot who was adopted in 1954.

He is a white bear, and wears a blue and white jersey.

Joe is the most famous Flyers mascot.

In addition to his playing career, Joe has also become a social activist.

Joe and a friend created the “Joe’s Garage,” a garage where the team keeps the equipment they use in

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