How to make a Facebook paywall disappear

Facebook has implemented a new paywall that it says is designed to help it eliminate “unnecessary and potentially harmful” advertisements on the site.

According to a new announcement on the company’s blog, the paywall will “prevent the creation of unwanted content that is likely to negatively impact the experience of our community.”

Facebook says it will also block ads on pages with fewer than 30,000 users and pages that don’t have more than 30 people on Facebook.

Advertisers will be able to pay by clicking on the banner at the top of a page or by using a payment option on the website.

Facebook says that in the past, ads that were viewed were often “unreliable, misleading or deceptive,” and “not always appropriate for the purpose of marketing.”

However, the company says that “at Facebook, we believe in making decisions that help us provide the best experience for our community, and we will not allow content to be created that’s likely to harm our community or to influence users in ways that are unfair or disadvantageous to them.”

Facebook also says that if you see an ad that’s flagged as inappropriate, you can choose to disable it by clicking “X” at the bottom of the ad.

“We believe that the best way to make sure that our community feels valued and is treated fairly is to provide clear guidelines for how to choose to see advertisements on Facebook, and this new pay wall will help us achieve that goal,” Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg wrote in a post to Facebook’s community.

“This will help ensure that ads can only be shown to people who follow our community guidelines, or people who are using our advertising services.”

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