How to get into Corona beer advertising

A brand new advertising campaign for Corona beer is a no-brainer for any business that wants to get noticed.

Corona’s brand is now being used in commercials across the country, with brands such as Red Lobster and Pizza Hut.

But what about Corona’s beer, which is currently getting a lot of attention for its ability to lure consumers away from the big-name breweries?

Corona is actually pretty popular in the beer world.

It’s the number one beer in the United States for the first time in history, with more than 70% of the country drinking Corona.

But for some of Corona’s competitors, the brand is starting to feel more and more like a punch line.

In a recent video, Corona Beer announced that it would be putting its brand back on the radar with a brand new campaign.

In it, the company makes a jab at the industry’s most popular beer.

Corona has been in the spotlight in recent years, as the company’s growth has slowed considerably, due in part to the rise of craft beer, the proliferation of online craft beer sales, and the continued decline of traditional beer sales.

“We’ve been seeing a lot more of the breweries and craft breweries taking advantage of the Corona brand,” Corona Beer president and CEO Chris Pinto said in the video.

“We’re here to tell the world that we’re the beer people.”

In a separate video, Pinto goes on to describe Corona as the brand that can save the beer industry.

“Corona Beer is our beer of choice for craft brewers, the best-selling craft beer in America, the number-one beer in Corona, and number-two in the world,” he said.

“But, we’re here for the consumers too.

We want to give them a chance to taste Corona beer.”

But Corona isn’t the only beer brand to have been targeted with this new advertising blitz.

The Los Angeles Times reports that the California craft beer market is now valued at about $1 billion, up from $750 million in 2015.

The Times goes on: “The craft beer industry is booming, but it’s also growing so fast that it’s taking over the beer market.

It took 15 years for craft beer to reach a mass audience, and craft beer has surpassed craft beer as the second-most popular beer brand in America.

Craft beer is now the third-most-popular beer brand overall, behind only craft beer.”

This kind of media blitz has been on the rise for a while.

The New York Times reported in 2014 that the average household was drinking about 12,000 cases of craft beers a year, a number that has grown exponentially.

And last year, the New York Post reported that craft beer is the fastest-growing alcoholic beverage in the U.S. That same year, Corona announced a $5 million advertising campaign to promote its Corona brand.

Pinto and his colleagues say they are taking advantage the opportunity to take advantage of Corona and the beer scene in general.

“It’s just been amazing how quickly this is changing the way the craft beer community sees Corona,” Pinto told the Times.

“And it’s going to keep changing how the industry sees Corona.

The beer world is a global market, so there’s a lot going on all over the world.”

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