Microsoft’s new ‘connectivity’ video app, Vimeo, is getting a new home on YouTube

Microsoft has launched a new video app for the Internet of Things (IoT) that lets you upload a video, watch it play, share it and download it later.

The new YouTube app lets you record and upload videos from within Windows 10, Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 IoT devices, and it’s similar to the video app that the company launched for Windows 10 TV earlier this year.

It’s called Vimeo and it comes with a free trial and a $1 per month subscription.

The Vimeo app is designed to bring Vimeo into the new YouTube ecosystem, which it hasn’t yet joined.

It was launched by Google in March.

YouTube will also roll out a new app called Connected TV, which can be used to upload videos to connected TV devices.

The new video apps will use a new interface for uploading and viewing, similar to YouTube’s video interface.

The Connected app is similar to what Google launched for TV and Windows TV in March, though the YouTube app is slightly different.

You can watch a video from a connected TV device, or you can also watch videos directly from the connected TV.

You can see your recorded video on the Connected screen.

This means you can share it on social media or send it to friends or family.

The app will also let you control playback.

You have two ways to watch videos from the Connect to YouTube app.

You either watch them on your TV, or use the TV’s remote control to control playback and view.

The second way to watch is through the Windows Media Player.

It works just like any other video player, and you can choose to record and playback videos from your connected TV or use a Windows Media player.

This is important because the Connect and the Media Player app are two different kinds of media players, and if you use either of them, the video you play is going to be different.

There are also other improvements to the Connect app.

There’s a new “Watch Now” button in the top left of the app, which shows you the next video to watch, and then you can either wait or pause playback.

It also includes a video player shortcut for accessing video from other devices, including Microsoft’s Xbox and Xbox One devices.

It also adds a “Share to YouTube” feature, which allows you to share videos from a Microsoft account with anyone, including friends and family.

Other new features are also coming to the app.

The “Watch” button now works in Windows 10 10 Mobile, allowing you to watch the video in a new tab, and the “Play Now” option lets you watch the next YouTube video from within the app itself.

Finally, you can set your video playback preferences, and change the audio volume and the contrast.

The audio settings let you adjust the volume level of background noise and the video quality of video playback.

The video app also lets you set a “play” button that will play the video when it’s finished, and “pause” the video for a certain amount of time.

You also have the option to change the title and description for the video, and add a link to download the video.

The connected TV app is a new addition to YouTube.

The company recently launched a TV app called Video On Demand that’s based on YouTube’s Connect app and can stream videos directly to connected TVs.

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