Which team is the most profitable?

What is the NFL’s most profitable franchise?

We asked our readers to tell us.

We were surprised to see that the New England Patriots were the most successful franchise of all.

The Patriots made more than $2 billion in profits during the 2013 season, and $1.9 billion during the 2014 season.

The franchise made $2.3 billion in revenue during the 2016 season, making it the most valuable franchise in the NFL.

We also rated each team based on revenue, attendance, and revenue per home game.

The bottom line?

The New England Revolution are the most lucrative team in the league.

We rate them as “most profitable” because the team made more money in 2016 than any other team.

They were also the most expensive team in NFL history to buy.

That’s a big deal.

The Revolution are owned by a group of investors, including David Beckham, who has a stake in the team.

According to the NFL Players Association, the Revolution made more revenue than any NFL team over the past two decades.

The New York Jets also made more profits than any team in history.

The Jets are owned in part by former NFL players.

We rated them as the “most successful” team in sports, with $3.2 billion.

The Chicago Bears are the next most profitable, with a revenue of $1 billion.

If you want to know which team has the most profit, look at the money.

You’ll see that there are no real surprises here.

In fact, this list is quite predictable.

Every team has some money, but the teams that are profitable are the ones that make the most money.

The only teams that have no profit are the Browns and Raiders.

The Dolphins and the Eagles both had revenue of less than $1 million.

That means they had to turn a profit in order to make a profit.

And, that’s what we did.

This list doesn’t tell you if the team has enough money to keep it afloat.

We found out from the league that the Dolphins made more in 2016 and more than in any other year.

But the Dolphins were also in the midst of a rebuild.

And they were losing money at the time.

So, we figured that the team was in the best position to keep the team afloat.

Here are the top five teams, based on profit, revenue, and attendance: New England: $2,923,734 New York Giants: $1,937,639 Philadelphia Eagles: $ 1,919,957 Chicago Bears: $ 889,977 Baltimore Ravens: $ 765,976 Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $ 565,564 Carolina Panthers: $ 467,824 Arizona Cardinals: $ 443,844 New Orleans Saints: $ 425,624 Oakland Raiders: $ 412,906 Houston Texans: $ 309,619 Indianapolis Colts: $ 299,897 New York Rangers: $ 279,846 Carolina Panthers (replaces Panthers) : $ 272,038 Seattle Seahawks: $ 265,638 Atlanta Falcons: $ 258,634 San Francisco 49ers: $ 250,541 Tampa Bay Buccaneer: $ 232,064 Washington Redskins: $ 219,958 New Orleans Chargers: $ 206,832 New York Yankees: $ 204,948 Houston Texans (replaced Astros) : * * * Houston Texans owner Bob McNair said last year that he’s expecting his team to have a $1-billion profit in 2019.

The team made that claim before the season started, and now it’s actually going to be closer to $1B.

The Texans were not able to break even in 2016, so McNair has been trying to raise the team’s operating income.

And it was a tough year for the franchise.

We thought it would be a success, but things didn’t go well.

So now McNair is trying to sell the team to an outside investor.

McNair’s trying to get a franchise back on track, and he’s also trying to make sure that he doesn’t take any of the team money.

If he does that, he might have to start spending it on the new stadium.

The Raiders had a terrible year last year, and they ended up with only $5.3 million in profit.

It could be difficult to keep this team afloat, and it might make the Raiders less attractive to potential investors.

The Cowboys, who have a record of winning two Super Bowls, have made $3 billion during their history.

It’s no surprise that they are the highest-earning team in this list.

The NFL’s highest-paid franchise is the New York Mets, who earned $2 million in revenue and $3 million per home sellout in 2016.

The Yankees, who made more back in 2015 than the Browns, also made a lot of money in that season.

But they had a tough 2016, and we rate them last because they made less

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