‘Largest advertising truck ever’: What’s in it for the ad firm?

The Canadian ad agency says its largest advertising truck is not the largest truck ever.

The largest ad company has no need for advertising in Canada, as its customers demand more.

The Canadian Association of Advertising Agencies has the largest ad business in Canada.

But a survey released Monday by AdWeek reveals that the company, Largest ad firm in Canada: says it can’t compete in the global advertising market.

The company says it has an aggressive advertising strategy and its ad network is expanding at an unprecedented pace, including a $30-million investment last month in a new ad network in Toronto.

But it’s unclear whether those efforts will yield a return for the company.

“I think it’s a bit of a wildcard in terms of what our future is going to look like, and it’s going to be difficult to know what the future of the advertising business is going in the foreseeable future,” said AdWeek’s Stephen Pate.

“But the fact that there are so many big companies in Canada and so many companies out there who are competing for the business in the future, I think that’s good for the industry.”

Largeness of the market The survey also found that companies in the top 10 ad agencies had an average ad budget of $100 million annually, a figure that would put them in the same category as large companies like Verizon, Ford and Walmart.

But even the largest firms don’t always have the resources to advertise across all the platforms, Pate said.

The average ad agency spends just under $5 million annually on advertising, or less than half the cost of the biggest commercial campaigns.

“We’re seeing the first signs that companies are realizing that they can do better in terms with their advertising budgets, and that’s really exciting,” he said.

“They’re starting to look at those options, but there’s no magic wand in terms for advertising.”

The survey found that the largest companies have three or four different types of ads in different areas.

“There’s the more traditional, smaller-scale ad that you see on billboards, on TV, in newspapers, on Facebook, or through other forms of online advertising, which is what the bigger brands do,” Pate explained.

“And then there’s the ad that is a mix of the two, where it’s for a different kind of audience, and so on.

It’s a mix that’s very different from what you would expect.”

He also noted that the market for online advertising is a bit larger than for traditional advertising, with more options for brands to reach consumers, and the ability to create ads on mobile devices.

“That means it’s not necessarily as big of a gap as some of the traditional advertising agencies see, and I think it would be interesting to see how that plays out over the next few years,” he added.

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