How to make a ‘virtual’ ad with your mobile phone

Ads are everywhere, but for a new way to get your mobile in the ring, you need a phone that works with your local TV station. 

Now, the ad service provider Digital Media Alliance (DMA) has launched a new ad platform in partnership with outdoor ad company Cordinator. 

The platform lets you create a virtual ad that will appear in local and outdoors, but with a simple phone app. 

Calls to your local ad station can be made by tapping the button to the left of the ad. 

With the new Advertising API, DMA says it is making it easier for the mobile user to see a local ad, without even having to use their phone. 

DMA CEO David Osterman told The Verge that this API has been around for some time, and it was built specifically to allow advertisers to get their ads into your phone.

“The Ad Advertising API is a powerful tool for brands to engage their customers with their advertising,” he said. 

“It allows brands to leverage the power of the Android ecosystem and build compelling ads that consumers are willing to pay for.” 

The new platform comes with a range of ad formats, from traditional ads to digital ads and interactive ads, but you can also create and broadcast branded TV ads for an ad network, which could be an interesting proposition for advertisers looking to build their brand around their brand. 

As part of the API, you can use the Ad Advertising Manager, which is a cross-platform tool that allows you to customize the ads displayed in your ad network. 

Once you have installed the Ad Marketing Manager, you will be able to create ad campaigns that are tailored to your ad platform. 

When you run an ad campaign, it will appear on the TV screen in the ad network’s own ad section, and you will then be able choose to launch the ad in your mobile device or any other device that has access to the DMA API. 

 To run an interactive ad campaign with DMA, you simply have to enter the keyword that the user wants to target, and then the ad will start running. 

A simple ad campaign could be for a product, a service, or a website, for example. 

To learn more about the new API, click here.

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