Super Bowl ads are a bunch of crap, but you can still watch them for free

I’m not even going to try to talk about all the ads from the 2020 Super Bowl that are going to run.

Instead, let’s talk about the ones that I thought were a little better than they seemed.

I’m not talking about the actual commercials, or the one in which I’m wearing a headset, or even the one where a couple of dudes are trying to get in the same pool as the cast of Super Bowl 50.

In the world of commercials, the good ones are usually good.

The bad ones, well, the only good ones you get are the ones you’ve seen before.

The good onesI’m looking at you, Super Bowl advertisement.

I can’t even begin to imagine how good it was.

The bad onesThere’s this weird, one-note commercial from the early days of the Internet that plays out in slow motion while you listen to a woman on the phone.

It’s a bit silly, but that’s what makes it so great.

I mean, I’m sure it would have been a great spot if someone had made it better.

We all know how the internet works, right?

But it doesn’t.

I know you all remember the internet, and I can only imagine what it would look like if the Internet had been around for years instead of months.

This commercial from an early 2000s ad agency, The Agency, might be the best example of how it could have gone better.

If you want to know how that would have gone, let me show you a clip.

Here’s how the video starts: I love this commercial.

It’s a great combination of the old and the new.

But then, it turns into a nightmare.

The woman on screen is getting dressed and heading out of the building.



Oh, I know.

The worst part is the one-liner: She’s a real estate agent, but she doesn’t really have much of a clue about what she’s doing.

She has a mortgage, a house, and her boyfriend is moving out of state.

She’s just going to have to pay the mortgage.

It might be a little bit easier than her boyfriend, but it will probably take forever.

She does the same thing to her boyfriend.

And then the boyfriend gets married, too.

Oh God, it’s going to be hard.

But she does it.

She doesn’t care.

She just wants to get her house paid off.


That’s what it sounds like.

It sounds like she’s going through a divorce.

That is a terrible idea.

But then she does the very thing that’s supposed to make things easier for the other people on the screen.

She tells them that her boyfriend’s moving out.

She makes them promise to pay off their mortgage.

She says, “I’m just going back to being a realtor.”

That is the kind of ad that I love.

And the ad also makes it clear that they’re not getting out of debt because of the bad mortgage payment.

That, my friends, is a fantastic idea.

It says that the realtor is a good person.

They’re not just trying to make money off you.

They want to help you get back on track.

And that is the sort of ad I can live with.

That’s the kind that makes me smile.

The best commercials in the world aren’t bad.

They make me smile, and they remind me that I’m still alive.

But if you can find a commercial that you like, and you’ve done your research, it might be worth watching.

I recommend watching the ones where you’re not wearing a headband.

The ones where the cast is wearing sunglasses.

The one where the crew is dressed like the Beatles.

I’m pretty sure the best ad ever is the first one.

You should see the best commercials ever, right.

Super Bowl ads aren’t necessarily the best.

They might be funny, they might be catchy, and sometimes they might make me laugh.

They are all awesome.

But they’re all also not good.

That’s why it’s so important to watch the best ones.

You’ll see them in all their glory, and maybe you’ll even enjoy them.

That means you’re also a better viewer.

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