Why you’re being billed for advertising that’s actually free

Paid advertising sites like AdSense and AdBlock Plus are increasingly being used by online publishers.

But, in the past, they’ve also been used by ad blockers.

Now, a new report from Adobe, which analyzes AdSense usage across a wide range of sites, suggests that paid advertising sites are being billed at a higher rate than they should be.

The report is based on data collected from AdSense users over a five-month period, as well as data from a variety of ad-blocking services.

The results reveal that paid ad sites are seeing an increase in revenue compared to what they should.

In terms of advertising volume, AdSense’s share of the ad market is growing at a rate of 5.4 percent, which is nearly double the 2.1 percent growth seen in AdBlockPlus and Adblock Plus Plus.

And that growth, Adobe said, is largely attributable to the growth of AdSense, which saw a 5.1% increase in AdSense-related revenues in April.

AdSense has also seen a 6.3 percent growth in the number of ad impressions that it generates.

But even as AdSense continues to grow, it’s unclear whether its growth rate is sustainable.

Advertisers are increasingly finding that AdSense is no longer the best way to monetize their sites, and it’s not clear whether it will remain so.

AdBlock+ has long been criticized for its lack of scalability, and its ad blocking services have also seen increased usage.

Adobe’s report is one of the first to quantify the growth and usage of ad blocking sites.

The data also provides an insight into the types of ads that AdBlock is charging for and how those are generated.

For instance, AdBlock doesn’t charge a cent for a pop-up ad that’s seen on a page.

Instead, it charges $3.99 to show an ad that is displayed in a browser window or windowed mode.

That means AdBlock isn’t paying to get people to view the ad.

But advertisers aren’t buying that type of advertising, because they’re using a lot of those ads.

This type of ad is seen by many people as spam and is also seen as a violation of the terms of service, according to Adobe.

Adobe also found that Adblock was the second-most used ad blocker in terms of total ad impressions, behind AdBlock.

It also found AdBlock was the most popular in terms that people were redirected to it.

Adobe says the increased usage of AdBlock in the last few months indicates that users are not yet convinced by its promise of scalable and scalable ad serving.

Adobe estimates that AdShield, which was introduced in July, has more than 2.5 million active users.

The study also looked at the revenue that ad blockers generate through ad impressions.

In April, Adblock users generated $6,936,717 in ad impressions per day, according the report.

Adblock’s share increased from 1.6 percent to 2.4 per cent in April, while AdBlockplus and AdBlaster saw a 1.5 percent and 0.8 percent increase, respectively.

Adobe recommends that advertisers avoid AdBlock and AdPlus.

It notes that Ad Block Plus is only available in Europe, while adblock.org is only in the US.

It recommends that publishers use AdBlock for all their ad campaigns, and Ad Block+ for those that don’t.

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