Why Apple’s ad system is so confusing

It’s a simple enough story.

Apple is buying ad networks.

Google is buying ads on other websites.

And Facebook is buying advertising on other companies’ sites.

This is a huge deal, as it will allow Apple to control the ad business from across the web.

It’s also a deal that’s going to get much bigger.

The ad industry’s biggest players are getting very good at their jobs.

Google’s AdWords, Facebook’s AdSense, and Microsoft’s Bing are all growing rapidly.

But there’s another big player that is not only dominating the industry, but also becoming a big competitor to it: Apple.

In the last decade, Apple has become the biggest buyer of advertising on the internet, with a huge amount of data that it can mine to determine which websites are the most effective.

And Google is growing rapidly, too.

Apple bought Google in 2009, and has continued to invest heavily in the search giant’s ad network.

Google paid $1.7 billion for its ad business in 2012, according to the Financial Times, and that’s only half of what Apple has spent in the last year.

The other half has gone to Facebook, which is also buying up and buying up advertising on websites like Facebook itself.

This new system, known as ad targeting, will allow advertisers to buy ads on Apple’s websites in a similar way that Apple bought ad space on Google’s platforms.

In fact, the new system is likely to help Apple and Facebook compete against each other in the ad space.

But it’s a big deal for ad networks too.

It means that ad networks will have to spend money to run their own ad campaigns and ads on Google and Facebook, and those ads will have much greater reach than those on Apple and Apple’s sites.

In other words, ad networks and advertisers will have more power over the ads that consumers see on their devices.

That’s why AdSense and AdWords are big moneymakers for the ad industry.

For every dollar that AdSense gets paid by Apple and Google, AdWords gets paid in a different amount of dollars.

Advertisers will have an incentive to run more effective ads on their own platforms, and they’ll also have to pay more to advertise on Apple or Facebook.

Ad network executives and analysts are predicting that these two new platforms will become the new normal.

“This is going to be the big money maker for us,” says David J. Ochs, CEO of AdSense.

“I don’t think we have seen this before.”

It may be a good thing that ad tech companies are finally starting to take notice of Apple and AdSense as competitors.

For a long time, they’ve been a lot like Apple and Microsoft in the advertising space.

Apple was the largest payer of online advertising, and it used to buy a huge percentage of the ad deals for sites like Amazon and Google.

Apple would buy a lot of ads on Amazon, and Google would buy ads for Amazon.

Those ads would drive up the price of the products and services that advertisers bought, so advertisers had to pay a lot more to reach those people.

But in the new ad system, Apple will pay advertisers just as much as it does now.

Apple has been spending a lot to keep its online advertising business in the digital age, and AdMean’s new ad targeting system will help the company do that.

AdMeans is an ad technology company that’s been experimenting with a new ad network system for more than a year.

Its technology is based on how a company buys ads on its own websites.

Ads are purchased through the network, which includes Apple’s Adwords and Facebook’s Google AdSense programs.

In contrast to AdWords and Adsense, AdMeAns system is a web-based platform.

It uses an ad network, like AdSense or Google’s own AdSense platform, to sell ads to advertisers.

AdNet has been running AdSense for more the past decade, and while the companies have a good deal of overlap in their systems, they have very different business models.

Adnet uses its ad network to buy advertisements from other advertisers and then sells those ads to other advertisers.

The networks have been doing this for years, but it was still difficult for companies like AdMeanism to compete against those companies.

“AdNet was a very competitive industry in the past,” says Andrew McEwan, an ad tech analyst at BTIG.

“It was still very fragmented.

I think that AdNet is going in a very different direction, where it’s going be much more aligned with the market.”

AdNet, however, is still a big player.

In 2012, AdNet was worth around $8.8 billion, according the research firm Newzoo.

It was still just one company, but that was just one year of data.

AdSense is now worth $14.3 billion.

Facebook’s $8 billion valuation is still pretty much unchanged from the year before, and there

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