Why Apple’s iOS 9 is the most important release of the year

Apple is still the king of software innovation.

But the company’s latest software release is arguably its most important.

And the latest iOS 9 update is the biggest yet.

The iOS 9 beta is already live on iOS devices, and it’s getting ready to go live on the Mac, too.

The iOS 9 release is expected to be “major” for Apple, as the company calls it.

The company’s CEO Tim Cook recently said that iOS 9 will be the most significant iOS update in a decade.

“It will be as big as it was with iOS 9.

That’s not a slight on iOS 9,” Cook told Bloomberg TV’s Michael Auslino.

“It’s not just the numbers.

It’s that it will be a new way to think about the apps that you need to be doing on the device.”

Apple has long been known for pushing the limits of iOS.

For example, the company started releasing iOS updates in 2007 with a version called 10.2.

The release included a massive overhaul of the app store, and the company has gone on to make hundreds of millions of dollars off of that, which has allowed the company to be one of the most powerful companies in the world.

The latest iOS release, however, marks a shift away from Apple’s core software business, which now makes up more than a quarter of the company.

Apple’s iPhone and iPad have become the mainstay of the consumer electronics business, but the company is also developing a new line of devices called the Apple Watch, which will take over the crown.

The iPhone is the company most closely tied to iOS, and many of the features of iOS 9 are already available on the iPhone.

But while the company released iOS 9 with a massive release of new features and a few bug fixes, it also made significant changes to the iOS App Store, including a completely revamped interface that includes an overhauled design and a new app.

Apple has also made some big changes to Apple Pay, too, which replaced the old card reader with a reader that can be used to pay.

The new iOS 9 software release will also be released for Macs, and a beta is expected on the platform this week.

While Apple isn’t officially saying when the beta will go live, Auslinos report said that the company expects to launch the iOS 9 Beta on the day after Thanksgiving.

Apple is expected in the coming weeks to make further changes to iOS 9, including changes to how apps can be created and distributed on iOS.

Auslines report said some changes are already being made to how the app stores work, including an option for users to choose whether to upload an app to the app marketplace or to a public developer.

Auslenos report also said Apple is preparing to introduce an iOS 10 “somewhere down the road,” but it didn’t specify when that might happen.

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