Why Google isn’t doing enough to fight back against fake news

Google is a great company, but it’s a terrible one at best.

It doesn’t have the resources to fight fake news, nor is it equipped to do anything about it.

And it’s doing nothing.

This week, Google announced a new initiative that will help it combat the growing phenomenon of fake news.

And, for the first time, Google is showing its hand. 

In the past, Google has taken a more passive approach to the issue.

When the company came under fire for a controversial advertising policy that allowed Google to sell ads for fake news articles, it stopped using ad-blocking software in an effort to avoid being associated with the news stories.

Google has since also implemented a similar policy for its YouTube and Gmail channels.

But the move was not widely embraced, and the results have been mixed.

And in the face of the controversy, Google made some changes, including adopting the ad-blocker software Firefox.

But that change did not appear to have much of an impact on the issue of fake stories.

And now Google is finally taking action.

Google’s announcement is part of a broader effort to fight misinformation online.

The company announced that it is investing more than $50 million in a research center to develop tools to detect and combat misinformation.

And the company is also partnering with other media and tech companies to build out its ad-sensing tools.

Google’s new initiative is part to that effort, as well.

The ad-suppression software is already in place on Google search and in the Google News app, so it’s not the first product Google has made available to advertisers.

And Google has also launched a new ad-buying program to help advertisers find the right ads to reach their audiences.

It is also working to build a better, more personalized experience for advertisers, which is part and parcel of a bigger plan to combat misinformation online that includes adding more local news and news content.

The move comes after Google’s parent company Alphabet, Google’s main holding company, announced that the company would buy out Google for $19.5 billion in cash.

Alphabet plans to take control of the company from Google.

The deal was announced last month.

Google shares rose by about 6% in after-hours trading on Thursday.

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