Why you should be more worried about the NFL’s new TV deal than the ratings: The NFL, ESPN, and Fox News

With the league set to return to primetime after the NFL owners meeting on Friday, the NFLPA’s announcement is the first official indication that the league has reached an agreement with the networks on a new TV contract.

The new deal will likely come into effect in the first quarter of 2019, which would put the new deal at roughly $1.9 billion per year.

The agreement will likely make it easier for the NFL to negotiate with networks to keep the games in the same market, as the networks have been more inclined to give up the right to broadcast a playoff game to a certain broadcast network.

The deal will also help the NFL continue to have more games in prime time, which is important as the NFL tries to expand beyond its current 10-game schedule.

But the deal will come with a price tag.

According to the Associated Press, the new TV agreement will cost the league about $1 billion per season.

That would translate to an annual cost of about $30 million per game.

That is a significant portion of the money the league could make from the new contract.

This is a pretty big deal for the league, which could potentially get some of the league’s biggest stars and some of its biggest sponsors to sign up to a new deal.

The contract would also give the NFL more leverage in negotiations with other sports leagues, such as the NBA and NHL, and the deal could lead to a more favorable deal for NFL players.

The deal will probably also be good for the sport, which will get to watch its game on multiple networks every week, which means that the new television deal could help the league gain more viewers.

The NFL has long wanted to see the league continue to play in prime-time, which the league is currently doing through the 2020-21 season.

However, the league also wants to continue playing in primetime, and it would be a big deal if the league was able to get the game back in prime.

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