How to stop fake news: Take the bait

I know that I’m not the only one who has a problem with fake news, but the fact that the most popular news outlet in the country has become so obsessed with it that they are so obsessed that they’re willing to give up on the truth has me wondering what the hell is going on.

I’m wondering if we are seeing a new phenomenon that is creating a false sense of safety for their readers.

A new phenomenon which is so deeply ingrained in the American psyche that it has permeated the mainstream media, and is so influential in the election process that they have been willing to accept lies as truth even when the truth is not the most compelling one.

“You know what?

This isn’t fake news.

This is real,” said James Pomerantz, professor of communication at Harvard University.

“I’m not saying that this is what it is, but it is a huge, huge problem.

The American media is a massive propaganda machine, and if they can’t get people to believe in what they are reporting, they are going to have a problem.”

Pomerants, a professor of journalism and public affairs at New York University, told me that he and other researchers have noticed a lot of the same trends with fake stories.

“In the last three years, fake news has really exploded,” Pomerant said.

“There is a big rise in it.

So the question is, what’s the big difference?

And it’s going to be a long time before we understand that.”

Potholes and Fake News and Fake Elections Pomerantz and other scholars believe that the American public has grown so accustomed to the way the mainstream news media presents the news, that they haven’t noticed the huge, gaping holes that have been left in the truth about the election.

Pomerans, for example, said that he has noticed that in his research he has been asked about things like the weather, and the way that the weather has changed, and he has told them, “It hasn’t changed.

We’ve been doing this the same way for 200 years.”

This, Pomeranz believes, is because people have become so accustomed that they don’t even think about the possibility that something might be a lie.

The biggest flaw in this system is the way in which the media are trained, which is that they all say the same thing.

They all go out and say that it’s a fair election, and they’re all going to tell you that it is.

And they’re going to say, well, that’s not true.

That’s a lie because it’s not.

It’s not even true.

Potholer is not alone in seeing a problem in the way this media is trained.

He is not only a professor, he’s also a certified public accountant.

And so when Potholerance came across this article on CNN, he decided that he wanted to take a closer look.

“So I went to CNN and I went and I researched it, and I got the transcript of the segment,” Pothoppers said.

He found that there was no actual fact-checking, but instead, a lot more misinformation.

CNN had taken it upon themselves to check the story, and there was nothing to check, so they pulled out the transcript and just ran it with the story and ran it.

Pop, of course, said he was skeptical.

Pompidou, Potholz, and Pomerannes were all skeptical, too.

Pomperes said he didn’t see anything wrong with the CNN story.

Popperman, too, was skeptical, but he decided to run with it anyway.

And he did so on the CNN web site.

So what is CNN doing to fix this problem?

They have not released the transcript.

CNN does not release transcripts of its own web sites.

And so Pothole and Pomperanz are trying to figure out what exactly is going to happen to the news.

They believe that this article was done on CNN by an editor who didn’t know the story.

They are not even sure if it was an original article or a copy edited.

I don’t want to think that this will ever be fixed.

I don’t know that it will ever go away.

I really don’t.

And that’s the problem, because I think it’s just too bad that this happened.

We have this problem where we have people saying things, and then when they get verified and they get picked up and put on television, they don.

What I am hoping to do is to actually be able to take some action and get some people on the television to look into it, because we have a lot going on that we’re not being told about.

And when people are able to get on television and look into this, we will know that we have done something wrong.

Pompere, of CNN, said she and her colleagues were still trying to process the article. “We don

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