Facebook and Apple: We can all use a few more words on our Facebooks

Apple today announced that it’s launching a new feature that allows users to use the company’s native advertising technology to target ads to specific audiences.

The new feature, which will be available in the next major version of Facebook, allows users of the social network to add a Facebook app icon next to their native ads.

“We’ve been working on improving our native advertising to make it more intuitive and easier for advertisers to target audiences and reach consumers, so we’ve created an additional feature to make this work,” Facebook VP of advertising product Mark Mulvihill said in a statement.

“With this new feature users can target ads directly to specific groups, as well as target ads based on the audience they’re targeting.”

In addition to adding the new feature to Facebook, Apple also unveiled a new mobile ad system that will allow advertisers to use their own native ads, rather than relying on third-party advertising services like Facebook and Google.

Apple’s new ad system lets advertisers target ads on mobile devices via a dedicated app, rather then relying on the company to pay for ads on their websites.

This system can be used by brands, publishers, and other businesses that want to target specific groups of consumers, and can be integrated into a brand’s existing ad products.

Apple has been aggressively rolling out native advertising for a while, and recently launched a feature called “native ads” that allows advertisers to directly target people with a single ad, rather the more complex and expensive process of buying ads in an ad network.

The feature can also be used to target people directly in an app.

Apple also introduced native ads in iOS 8, but not in iOS 9.

Apple’s native ads feature will be able to be used in iOS 10 and later.

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