The latest car decal ad hits the streets in Wellington

The Wellington advertiser has taken its campaign for car stickers to the streets of the CBD.

Advertiser Wellington has been testing stickers on cars for the past two weeks in response to a recent Government policy that prohibits cars from being sold for more than three months on the streets.

“We’re targeting the CBD because we believe that we have a very strong position in the CBD and the CBD is our fastest growing area,” said Wellington advertisee, Tony Gennaro.

“I think we’ve really hit a home run here.”

Wellington’s car stickers have hit the streets as part of its advertising campaign.

Mr Gennoro said it was the first time the advertiser had hit the CBD in the last year.

“When I saw it first, I thought, this could be the most important thing we’ve ever done,” he said.

“And I was right.”

Wellston has been hit with a ban on cars from the CBD for the last three months.

Advertising agency Wellington ran a trial of car stickers on a few hundred cars in December, and this week launched a trial on a much larger number of cars.

“The first week we had about 400 cars,” Mr Gennato said.

Mr Haggart said it would be difficult to compete with Wellington’s marketing campaign, but that it would definitely boost traffic on the roads.

“It’s just a fantastic campaign to run in the area,” he told ABC Radio Wellington.

“There’s no other ad in the country that’s been so effective.”

If you can get people to go out and buy your stickers then you’re doing great.

“Wellesland has run its ads in the past on the beaches, on footpaths, in the garden, and even in the public gallery.”

People are coming out and buying the stickers,” Mr Haggard said.

Wellington is targeting the new year with a number of billboards and car decals to mark New Year’s Eve.”

One of the key points is the Christmas car sticker campaign.

People will see the new car sticker and say, ‘What’s the deal with the new Christmas car stickers?’

We’ve got a number that will go viral, and that’s really going to help us in the market,” Mr Waggart explained.

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