The world’s first online music ad for ‘Spotify’ and its music videos

The world is about to have a very special kind of music advertising campaign.

The world’s leading online music service Spotify announced that it has begun testing a music ad in the US and Canada.

The company is using Spotify to advertise in the UK, the US, Australia, Canada, New Zealand, South Africa and South Africa.

The ads will run in music stores, online shops, on Spotify’s YouTube channel, and on the company’s app for smartphones.

Spotify says the ads are “the first time we’ve been able to reach consumers in such a way”.

It’s not clear yet how much money Spotify has spent on these tests.

But Spotify says that the ad is aimed at people who want to get a taste of Spotify and Spotify’s music streaming service.

The ad is a preview of Spotify’s future plans, including a new product called Music Pass.

The ads will go live in the next couple of days.

In the meantime, Spotify will continue to advertise online through the likes of Spotify, YouTube and other popular music channels, according to a Spotify spokesperson.

Spotify has previously run ads in Canada.

This is the first time Spotify has run an online music advert in the world, said Spotify’s chief marketing officer, Sam Gindin.

In addition to advertising in the United States and Canada, Spotify also runs ads in Australia and South Korea.

The music industry is already starting to use online advertising for things like sports, movie tickets and other products.

Spotify’s advertising strategy is different because it is looking at music advertising as a separate and distinct business.

“Spotify is looking to be able to differentiate ourselves and be more transparent and transparent to its customers,” said Gindins.

“They’ve got to be very careful about what they say about their advertising, because that can be a bad thing.”

This isn’t Spotify’s first attempt to target its ads to the US or Canada.

The company is currently testing an online radio ad in Australia.

Gindin said Spotify is looking forward to the test.

“We have a number of ways we can be successful,” he said.

The other thing is that if we do something that is successful, we’ll have a lot of other opportunities to be successful, and we’ll expand our product and do something with it that’s a lot more unique.”

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