How to spot fake news in the trending news

Ads that claim to show you the trending topics on Facebook are a serious issue.

Here are some ways to spot them.


They’re not real.

Advertisers often create fake profiles to attract potential buyers.

Facebook does not require advertisers to provide any contact information or other identifying information.

However, some companies that do, like Zendesk and Google, do require that their ads show up in the Trending Topics section.

Ads that show up here will usually say something like “Trending: What are you thinking about?”, “Trendings: Whats your favourite subject?”, “You’ve got a question?”, or “You need to read more”.

Some ads that appear in Trending may be a fake or have a misleading or misleading statement in the headline.

In most cases, these ads will not be visible to users.

For instance, you can click through an ad on the left, which will show you a page with the trending topic.

If you see a banner with the word “Trend” or “Trends” in the textbox, the ad is a fake.


The ad is deceptive.

A fake or misleading ad that claims to show the trending headlines on Facebook is deceptive because it makes you believe the content is real, even though the content doesn’t appear to be.

A misleading ad can deceive users into believing the content they’re looking for is more relevant than it really is. 3.

The content is deceptive or misleading.

A deceptive or harmful ad will mislead you into believing that it is more informative or interesting than it is.

For example, a false headline or misleading text may mislead you by implying that the content has more value than it actually does.

A false conclusion can also mislead you.

An ad with a misleading headline may mislead people by suggesting that the company makes products and services that are inferior to others.

In general, misleading content is more likely to mislead people than real content.


The advertisement contains a deceptive or offensive word, phrase, image, image with a blurred line, or other similar element.

The word, image or image with the blurred line can deceive people into thinking the content of the advertisement is more important than it may actually be. 5.

The company uses deceptive or unfair tactics.

A company may deliberately create an advertisement that is misleading or deceptive to gain a user’s trust.

If the company uses unfair or deceptive advertising techniques, it could potentially harm you or your business.

For more details, see our article on deceptive or abusive ads.


The advertising company is not affiliated with the company that created the advertisement.

A third-party company may be behind an ad that is deceptive, misleading, or abusive.

A well-known ad network may be using deceptive or aggressive tactics to create an advertising campaign.

Some of these advertisers may be trying to capitalize on the rising popularity of Facebook.

This could cause an increase in fraud and spam on the platform.

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