Is Google advertising sexist?

The internet giant is a pioneer in social networking, but advertisers are also beginning to take notice.

A study published by a group of social media analysts last month showed that Google’s ads are increasingly sexist.

It was one of the first studies on Google’s advertising practices.

The study found that Google uses more sexist language in its search results, the search results that people click on, and the ads they click on.

The study also found that ads that target women in their searches were more likely to get negative results than those that targeted men.

“The Google search engine is the most influential online advertising platform in the world,” said Kristin Lefkowitz, a researcher at the Digital Media Institute.

“It is an online platform where you can have a lot of influence.

So it’s really important to have a thoughtful, thoughtful approach to your search.”

In a statement, Google said that its search algorithms “target the right search results based on relevant, relevant information,” and that its ads do not target gender.

“As a result, Google has an obligation to ensure that its advertisements don’t target gender stereotypes and other biases that could impact our users’ search experiences,” the company said.

The company says it does not discriminate against users based on gender.

Google is not alone in using sexist language.

The New York Times reported last year that advertisers who use Google’s search engine were less likely to show women results when they searched for women.

In 2016, the company started to include gender-neutral keywords in its results.

It also updated its ad guidelines.

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