How to make a burger king advertisement that’s better than the real thing

USA Today / By Aaron Smith, The Associated Press WriterBurgers, chips and soda are just a few of the items that will be on sale in the new Burger King store.

The chain says it has the highest-rated customer service in the U.S.

The chain has expanded its burger menu to serve more customers than any other fast-food restaurant in the country.

But a new survey shows that the number of people who have ever tried the chain’s hamburgers has been dropping.

A new survey from the Consumer Reports Association found that the share of Americans who have tried a burger at least once fell by 9% over the past two years.

The group surveyed more than 3,400 people ages 18 and older in February.

It found that about a third of Americans have tried burgers in the past year, and that the percentage who have had the most successful attempts has been steadily falling over the last year.

Burger King has seen its share of the burger market drop by about 9% from 2011 to 2016.

But it has seen a 10% jump in the number who have completed a successful burger.

Burgers have long been popular in the fast-casual restaurant business, and consumers have been flocking to burger restaurants over the years.

The average Burger King burger is $2.49, which is slightly higher than the average for fast-nurings at $1.68.

But the price tag for a $1 burger is still far below most fast-net-food chains, which average around $6.50.

The burger chain, which has seen an uptick in sales and a decline in restaurant attendance, is betting that people are willing to pay more for burgers in a new era of social media and social media shopping.

Its marketing team is also trying to reach people who may have been reluctant to try its burgers before.

The brand has spent $100 million in the last five years on marketing, according to the group.

The company also says it is giving people a better experience in the store, with a new online menu that offers more choices.

The new menu is available now through Burger King’s Burger King app and in stores in the coming weeks.

Burgiers in the chain include its signature hamburger patty topped with a pickled onion, and the company has been promoting the brand as a healthier alternative to other fast food options.

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