Dubuque Advertising Ads in ‘The Martian’ Is ‘Pretty Bad’

It’s no secret that Dubuques’ tourism is in the midst of a real estate bubble.

A recent analysis by Dubuquanadvertisers found that sales of hotels, rental homes, apartments and condos were down 7.9% from a year earlier.

That means Dubuqans real estate is falling further behind the rest of the state.

That’s not all though.

Dubuquitvertisers discovered that Dubue’s ad sales were down 24.3% year over year in the week that Dubues first-quarter revenue was released.

That translates to a loss of nearly $10 million.

Dubuoquads tourism industry is also suffering from a shortage of hotel rooms, which are expensive to rent and many people aren’t looking to stay in hotels in the first place.

So what’s going on?

The Dubuquetvertisers report is just one piece of the puzzle.

The company also analyzed traffic data from the state’s online tourism agency.

DubUquanAdvertisers looked at which websites were visited more than 50,000 times, and the most visited sites were hotels, restaurants, and resorts.

The most visited destinations were hotels and resorts in DubuQuakos area.

Tourism in the state was up 23% from last year.

In other words, visitors are coming back.

DubUs tourism industry has been hit hard by the recession, but Dubuqueradvertisors says the recession may have already begun to take a toll on the business.

That could be due to a lack of local advertising in DubUquerad, or perhaps a decrease in visitor spending due to the financial crisis.

Regardless, DubuQue is seeing an increase in demand, which is the biggest reason the company is offering discounts for DubUque travelers.

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