The ad blitz that’s been happening in Eugene

The ad-blockers are here to stay, and they’re targeting downtown Eugene.

The latest ad campaign launched Monday shows an array of ads, ranging from a coffee shop to a bike rental, in an attempt to stop people from using ads for their email addresses, bank accounts and other sensitive information.

The campaign is the latest attempt to take advantage of a citywide debate about blocking and filtering online ads, with city officials saying they want to be more inclusive.

The new ads include ads for restaurants and bars, a coffee place and a coffee house, and a hotel, as well as ads for local businesses, businesses that are not part of an advertiser network and other locations.

Some ads feature people with the words “I’m not a racist, I’m not homophobic, I don’t want to buy this ad,” and the ads are meant to be humorous, city officials said.

In the coffee shop ads, the coffee owner explains that he doesn’t want his coffee ads to be seen by his neighbors.

The coffee shop owner, who declined to be identified, is shown saying he doesn, too.

The ads are the latest push from the city of Eugene to curb the growing use of ads on social media that are seen by hundreds of thousands of people every day.

The city wants to have ads seen by 100,000 people by April 30.

City Manager Bill Reisman said the ads come after several other recent ads and social media campaigns that have been successful in curbing ad usage.

Reisman was asked if the ads would be effective in reducing ads that are blocked by ad blockers.

The city is using the new ads as a tool to discourage people from making purchases on the Internet, which the city estimates accounts for more than $1 billion in revenue each year.

Reisman said city officials have been working with a number of ad blockers that block ad views and use the new campaign as a learning tool for city officials.

The campaign also shows ads that have previously been shown in other cities, such as Austin and Atlanta.

In some of the new spots, the ads show people with pictures of animals, which are used to draw the audience’s attention.

The ads also show people walking around with their smartphones or tablets, with the ads showing them interacting with a restaurant or a bike store.

The mayor’s office said the new advertising effort has been successful.

The group behind the campaign, which is based out of the city’s Department of Public Safety, has about $1 million in advertising budgeted for the ads, which will run in the Eugene area for about a week.

The City of Eugene says it’s not targeting ads directly at Eugeneans, but the ads target advertisers in different locations.

The Eugene City Council is weighing a new ordinance that would prohibit the use of ad blocks or blocking services on public property.

The proposed ordinance would prohibit ad-blocking services in buildings that are owned by the city or the state, or that are part of the City of Salem.

It would also prohibit the ad-billing services from being placed on city property.

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