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Which are the best ads in Instagram for people looking to monetize their content?

The search engine giant’s ads appear to have the most reach in the US and Europe, with users who subscribe to the service being able to get access to over 70 million ads per day.With over 7.2 million active monthly active users in the country, Instagram is the second largest social media network in the […]

‘Grey’ ad agency: I didn’t know what I was signing up for

Advertisers may be on the lookout for a new company to fill a niche, but not every business has one.There are countless opportunities to use a grey advertising agency, a term used to describe companies who specialize in providing the services of advertising.Here are some of the best.Advertiser Network and Advertisment Group are two grey […]

How to get into Corona beer advertising

A brand new advertising campaign for Corona beer is a no-brainer for any business that wants to get noticed.Corona’s brand is now being used in commercials across the country, with brands such as Red Lobster and Pizza Hut.But what about Corona’s beer, which is currently getting a lot of attention for its ability to lure […]

What’s in a name? Here are the top 5 most common ones

The top 5 common names for U.S. companies in 2017 include:A:Agency (ABP)B:BroadcasterC:CharityD:DealerE:EntertainmentF:Financial servicesG:GovernmentH:HotelI:InstagramIAP:Insta-PaidL:Long-term leaseM:Misc.N:NetworkingP:PharmaceuticalsQ:Quicken LoansR:RetailRAP:RailroadsS:Service-related companyT:TelecommunicationsU:Uniform retail brandV:Virtually all the othersThe list has a lot of overlap, but the difference is that, in this case, most of them are all brand names.It’s not unusual to see a company named as a “corporate brand,” or even […]

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