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How you can create your own outdoor advertising campaign

Now Playing: How the NFL will make a TV ad more appealing to viewers next season, as it’s launching a brand new network of sports-specific TV ads in 2018-19.Now Playing – Why are we so excited about the NBA’s new TV ad?Now Playing The Best Ways to Get Sports Fans to Watch NFL, NFL.com reports […]

How to make a ‘virtual’ ad with your mobile phone

Ads are everywhere, but for a new way to get your mobile in the ring, you need a phone that works with your local TV station. Now, the ad service provider Digital Media Alliance (DMA) has launched a new ad platform in partnership with outdoor ad company Cordinator. The platform lets you create a virtual ad that will appear in local and outdoors, but with a […]

Outdoor advertising for $10,000

How Google’s Google Ads cost $10 million and are you ready to pay?article Google recently announced that it is launching an advertising network that is paying out $10-per-click for the first time.The network is called Google Ads and it is meant to compete with the likes of Facebook and Facebook Ads.Google says that the network […]

How to use YouTube adblocker to get around YouTube content ban

The Internet has a strange habit of being incredibly stupid.For example, YouTube’s latest adblocking tool, YouTube Red, is one of the worst, and it’s not the first, but it is the worst.For some reason, when you use it, the videos that YouTube offers are blocked, which is bad enough, but there are some pretty amazing […]

How will Milan stay ahead of Juventus?

By Football Italian staffThe last two years have been the most difficult for the Rossoneri.In the first half of the season they played a great match against Juventus and in the second half they lost 1-0 in the Champions League.Their chances of qualifying for the Champions’ League had collapsed.Juventus had been knocked out of the […]

The world’s hottest job ad: ‘The job is not for everyone’

A new job ad from the U.S. and Canada is generating a lot of buzz.It’s called The Job Is Not For Everyone.And it claims to be for those who don’t want to have to spend money on their own health insurance.The ad says the job requires “knowledge, leadership, and communication skills.”It says “careers and a […]

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